Johnstaff International Development

Who We Are

JID is a provider of international aid, development, project management and advisory services for low and middle income countries in the Pacific region. We are advisors, project managers and international development specialists.

Established in 2016, JID is the international aid and development arm of Johnstaff Projects, a privately owned Australian company that over the past 27 years has provided and continues to provide advisory services, project management, cost management and construction services for public and private sector clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Since our inception, JID has established a reputation for providing value to our clients through developing tailored teams and service solutions. We are not an organisation that sells bodies for hire: our services are genuine, output based deliverables that meet a clients’ specific project needs. JID has developed a recognised strength for being specialists in the provision of development programs in the areas of Health and Social Infrastructure, having established a strong presence in the Pacific Region and a growing reputation in South East Asia.

JID specialise in delivering:

  • Health reform programs;
  • Social infrastructure solutions;
  • Aid programs; and
  • Community development programs.

JID is able to leverage the significant resource and consulting credentials of Johnstaff Projects. The resources and breadth of experience that Johnstaff Projects holds adds significant depth and capacity to the JID relationship management, planning and implementation qualifications. This seamless relationship complements our highly trained and experienced international development professionals. The JID team actively partners with governments and donors to strategically plan, finance and deliver organisational reform, effective governance programs and sustainable social and economic growth initiatives.

Who We Work With

JID works with various aid funding and donor organisations such as the Australian and New Zealand Governments. Our organisation has aligned our values of to those of whom we work with. The JID team echoes a drive and commitment to reducing poverty and lifting living standards through sustainable economic growth.

We are proud that the personal investment our professionals deliver is driving a future of greater stability, prosperity, economic partnership and reduced poverty within the environments we serve.

Our processes and procedures are focused on:

  • Ensuring transparency in planning and implementation;
  • Promoting fit for purpose, genuine outcomes; and
  • Promoting enduring and sustainable solutions.

What We Do

JID is at the forefront of international aid and development projects for donors and governments who want to transition from providing aid programs to delivering lasting social and economic development. We pride ourselves on providing sustainable and culturally suitable solutions.

JID plans, implements and delivers economic and social development programs. We have a specialty in driving output based solutions through enabling infrastructure development. JID does this by taking an investment approach that articulates the benefits and economic value that an investment should derive thus enabling the best solution for the economy and community to be chosen.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our close attention to the community and economic deliverables of a project to ensure the users own the outcomes and can take full advantage of the project’s benefits. It is our facilitation and stakeholder engagement methodologies that enable us to realise these outcomes.

JID’s capabilities go beyond project management and infrastructure development. Our holistic approach focuses on the complexities of governance, social empowerment and change management. To address these issues JID develops complementary work streams. We recognise that the success of any development project depends on the strength of the organisation and the teams of people working in them.

ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment

In January 2017 JID was awarded the Project Management and Contract Administrator (PMCA) contract for the redevelopment of ANGAU Memorial General Hospital in Lae, Papua New Guinea. This project is funded by the Australian Government. A key factor in JID winning this contract was the ability to draw upon Johnstaff Projects’ wide ranging experience and reputation in health infrastructure and project management in Australia and New Zealand.

Lae Markets

In 2017, JID was awarded phase 1 of the Lae Market redevelopment contract to support the Lae local government authorities. Appointed by New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) as part of the New Zealand Aid Program, JID is working to deliver a comprehensive and successful quality infrastructure solution that addresses governance and social issues and provides a sustainable solution for the community.